With the recent increase in politically and economically motivated cyberattacks on every level of our governments, it has never been more important to anticipate and eliminate potential vulnerabilities to data from constantly evolving cybercriminal threats.  This is especially true with online legal publications as the ability to illegally change digital representations of the law can adversely affect every facet of society. Without protections cybercriminals can change your laws in undetectable ways and, ultimately, reduce the public’s trust in our democracy.

At Open Law Library, we eliminate potential threats to digital legal databases before they exist, so your online publication is always secure and reliable.  We incorporate state of the art hardware and software protections into your digital law libraries to provide you the confidence you need in your laws.

Furthermore, Open Law Library grants you complete control over who has authority to update the digital law library so you can ensure it is accurate and authentic.   You can either authorize us to update your online legal materials for you or we can teach you how to use our simple tools to do it yourself.  Whichever option you choose, there is a full audit trail secured by offline keys from the time your laws are adopted to the time they are incorporated into your digital law library.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect the authenticity of your online legal materials.