As legal research resources continue to transition to the digital realm, it is imperative that governing bodies take all necessary steps to ensure that their laws are accessible to everyone, including and especially individuals with disabilities.  With ADA website compliance litigation on the rise, municipalities can reduce liability risks by ensuring their websites, and those of their contractors are accessible and compliant.

At Open Law Library, it is our mission to help your government provide open and accurate access to your law. For this reason, the Open Law Platform creates digital law libraries that adhere to all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Many people do not realize that no matter how ADA compliant a website is, if the content published on the website is not compliant, the website cannot be compliant.

It is very easy to pass laws that, when published on the web, are not ADA compliant. Our drafting tool notifies you as you are drafting when you violate common accessibility rules – such as lack of captions for images.

Contact us today for a demonstration of our accessibility features and learn more about how Open Law Library can protect your city from liability and provide free, equal access to all your constituents!