Customer Success

Your success is our success!

From day one, our experienced team of engineers and legal professionals will work with you to integrate the Open Law Platform, train your team, and help your organization and citizens get the most out of your laws.

Take Off Running

We work closely with your organization to integrate the Open Law Platform into your existing work flow so that you don’t miss a second of important work. Whether you pass 500 laws or 5 laws a year, we haven’t met an organization that didn’t see an immediate improvement in their drafting, codifying, and publishing processes.

We’re Always Here to Help

Our team is at your disposal at every step of the process. Whether you need help starting up the drafting plugin or finalizing an ordinance for codification, you’ll always have a helping hand. We also provide a resource center so that you can find information for the things that technology can’t solve, like how to format your laws!

You’ll Always Have The Best

The version of the Open Law Platform that you’re working with will always be the newest version, with all the most useful bells and whistles. If we figure out an awesome feature for someone else, rest assured, you’ll get it too. Come up with a great idea? Let us know, and your idea might help thousands of governments around the country!

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